Welfare Circulars

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
11 Revision of rate of Penury Grant funded out of Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF). 08/06/2017 Download (693.52 KB) pdf
12 Enhancement of rates of Marriage Grant. 15/07/2016 Download (410.87 KB) pdf
13 AFFDF: Gazette Notification Corrigendum. 30/09/2015 Download (790.04 KB) pdf
14 Regarding enhancement of financial assistance on account of maintenance to the World War Veterans and their widows. 03/03/2015 Download (1.11 MB) pdf
15 Correspondence between D/o ESW and KSB Sectt. 05/06/2014 Download (2.72 MB) pdf
16 Delegation of Financial Powers to Kendriya Saink Board. 06/01/2014 Download (616.45 KB) pdf
17 Guidelines on appointment of Director, Sainik Welfare-Cum-Secretary, Rajya Sainik Boards and Additional Director, Sainik Welfare-Cum Zila Sainik Welfare Officers in the States/UTs. 26/12/2013 Download (1.84 MB) pdf
18 AFFDF: Case Consideration Committee Re - Constitution for RMDF. 19/09/2012 Download (831.59 KB) pdf
19 Notification regarding the constitution of Kendriya Sainik Board. 13/12/2011 Download (2.27 MB) pdf
20 Reimbursement of expenditure on the maintenance of Rajya Sainik Boards. 15/03/2011 Download (1016.46 KB) pdf