PM Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)


The ‘Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)’ ’ is being implemented to encourage technical and post-graduate education for the widows and wards of the deceased/ex-service personnel of Armed Forces. The scheme is funded out of National Defence Fund administered by Prime Minister’s Office. Scholarships are available for education at various technical institutions (medical, dental, veterinary, engineering, MBA, MCA and other equivalent technical institutions having AICTE/UGC approval).

The Scheme was introduced in 2006. Five thousand five hundred (5500) scholarships are being awarded annually under this scheme. The amount of scholarships was Rs.2,000/- for boys and Rs.2,250/- for the girls per month and is paid annually. This has now been increased to Rs.2,500/- per month for boys and Rs.3,000/- per month for girls w.e.f. FY 2019-20. The payment is made through ECS into the bank account of the selected students. The scheme migrated from offline to online mode with effect from Academic Year 2016-17.

Number of Beneficiaries and Amount Disbursed

As per existing policy of PMSS, with effect from academic year 2015-16, a total of 5500 students are to be selected in the merit list (2750 each for boys and girls students). The number of students selected as per the merit list of PMSS during the last five academic years is as under:-

Total applications Received (Fresh cases) Eligible Students Meeting PMSS Criteria (shortlisted) Students Selected in Merit List
(Fresh Cases)
Boys Girls Boys Girls
2015-16 6063 3159 2664 2750  2664
2016-17 5683 2858 2490 2750 2490
2017-18 5957 2898 2702 2750 2702
2018-19 5262 2594 2434 2594 2434
2019-20 5923 2844 2767 2750 2750

The total amount disbursed under PMSS since 2015-16 is as under:

Financial Year
No. of Beneficiaries
Total Amount Disbursed in Rs.
Fresh Cases Renewal
2015-16 3992 19117 23109 59,10,42,675/-
2016-17 5488 5585 11073 28,57,18,211/-
2017-18 5235 6075 11310 29,15,58,030/-
2018-19 5459 7791 13250 34,21,96,840/-
2019-20 5028 9260 14288 40,15,87,204/-
2020-21 5500 5128 10628 35,29,71,626/-

To know more

The Scheme is managed by the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB). As such, the students can know more about the eligibility criteria, courses covered, priority categories and can also apply online by clicking ‘PMSS’ on the horizontal menu bar of KSB website
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