What's New

What's New
S.No. Title
1 Grant of Disability Pension/ Element/ Special Family Pension in case of death of ESM due to COVID-19- clarification thereon.
2 Empanelment of Hospitals/ Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centres for ECHS with additional facility
3 Empanelment of Hospitals/ Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centres for ECHS
4 Dis-empanelment of Hospitals/ Nursing Homes/ Eye Centres/ Diagnostic Centres under Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme(ECHS)
5 Pending Enquiry Awards to Commissioned Officers and their dependents- reg.
6 Revision of Financial assistance amount of Orphan Grant funded out of Armed Forced Flag Day fund (AFFDF)
7 Modification of procedure for procurement of Drugs and Consumables for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) Dated 30.06.2022
8 Counting of former service in respect of SSC Officers/ECO of Army/Navy/Air Force who have died/dies prior to exercising option/making claim/filling up form for counting of pre-commissioned service rendered in ranks towards Commissioned Service.
9 Use of Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Card as disability verification/ identification document for authentication of ECHS beneficiary with disability and for preparation of White Card under ECHS - reg. Dated 26.05.2022.
10 Re-imbursement of cost of Not Available (NA) medicines and consumables under ECHS. Dated 25.03.2022.
11 Issue of Concordance table for pay matrix level 16 in respect of the rank of LT. GEN (HAG plus) and pay matrix level 15 in respect of the rank of LT. Gen (HAG) in respect of AMC/ADC/RVC-reg. Dated 02.03.2022.
12 lnviting citizen registration forwatching live streaming of Republic Day Parade and Beating the Retreat 2022.
13 Allowing family pension to other eligible family member in the event of family pensioner is charged with the offence of murdering the Government servant or for abetting in the commission of such an offence. Dated 05.01.2022.
14 Extending new means of identification for continuation of pensionary awards in view of COVID-19 situation - reg. Dated 20.12.2021.
15 Request for details of NGOs working for the welfare of Veer Naris / Widows.