Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
1 Issue of Concordance table for pay matrix level 16 in respect of the rank of LT. GEN (HAG plus) and pay matrix level 15 in respect of the rank of LT. Gen (HAG) in respect of AMC/ADC/RVC-reg. 02/03/2022 Download (113.98 KB) pdf
2 Allowing family pension to other eligible family member in the event of family pensioner is charged with the offence of murdering the Government servant or for abetting in the commission of such an offence. 05/01/2022 Download (51.78 KB) pdf
3 Extending new means of identification for continuation of pensionary awards in view of COVID-19 situation - reg. 20/12/2021 Download (21.35 KB) pdf
4 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from November 2021 till December 2021. 03/12/2021 Download (128.5 KB) pdf
5 Revision of limits of two Ordinary Family Pensions payable to a child in respect of both the parents after the 7th CPC. 29/10/2021 Download (746.42 KB) pdf
6 Submission of Annual Life Certificate for pensioners/family pensioners living abroad. 13/10/2021 Download (4.01 MB) pdf
7 Submission of Annual Life Certificate. 13/10/2021 Download (4.28 MB) pdf
8 Amendment of income criteria for grant of family pension to children/siblings suffering from mental or physical disability. 28/09/2021 Download (745.53 KB) pdf
9 Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of the fifth CPC regarding casualty pensionary awards for the Armed Forces Officers and JCOs & Other Ranks. 02/09/2021 Download (524.12 KB) pdf
10 Delegation of Administrative powers to Service Headquarters-reg. 17/06/2021 Download (43.66 KB) pdf