S/No. Title Date of Sanction Download / Details
11 Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centers for ECHS --- Upgradation/Additional facilities. 24/02/2020 Download (3.16 MB) pdf
12 Sanction for procurement of 20 Cents of land and allotment/release of Rs. 7,80,000/- for purchase of land for construction of permanant building for ECHS polyclinics at Virarajendrapet Type D Non MIL STN. 28/11/2019 Download (493.59 KB) pdf
13 Extension of Time limit for procurement of land in non-Military Station for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme ECHS Polyclinics. 22/11/2019 Download (638.95 KB) pdf
14 Domiciliary medical equipment for ECHS beneficiary. 18/09/2019 Download (1.01 MB) pdf
15 Purchase of land for ECHS Polyclinic at East Delhi. 28/08/2019 Download (556.83 KB) pdf
16 Obtaining of land on lease for construction of permanent building for ECHS Polyclinics Type D Non Military Station at Shimoga, Karnataka. 19/08/2019 Download (476.56 KB) pdf
17 Revised Scale of Medical equipment (Dental) ECHS Polyclinics. 08/08/2019 Download (2.35 MB) pdf
18 Payment and Re-imbursement of Medical expenses under ECHS: Processing of Online Bills by Bill Processing Agency (BPA). 09/07/2019 Download (497.35 KB) pdf
19 Payment and Re-imbursement of Medical expenses under ECHS in respect of Nepal Domiciled Gorkha (NDG) ESM Pensioners in Nepal. 09/07/2019 Download (378.81 KB) pdf
20 Sanction for obtaining 677.60 Sq Yds (14 Cents) of State Govt Land for Construction of ECHS Polyclinic at Eluru Type D Non Mil Stn. 19/06/2019 Download (365.13 KB) pdf