ECHS Circulars

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
41 Relaxation of Rules for Treatment of ECHS Beneficiaries in Kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka in view of recent Floods. 14/09/2018 Download (675.34 KB) pdf
42 Change in System of Referral-No referral to be in the Name of any Private Empanelled Medical Facility. 05/09/2018 Download (898.02 KB) pdf
43 To permit ECHS Beneficiaries to avail medical facilities under alternative system of medicines AYUSH. 08/08/2018 Download (1.58 MB) pdf
44 ECHS Travelling allowances for Medical Treatment. 07/08/2018 Download (2.23 MB) pdf
45 Change in System of Referral No referral to be in the Name of any Private Empanelled Medical Facility. 02/08/2018 Download (885.43 KB) pdf
46 Supply of Medicines to ECHS Beneficiary and amendment to Provision regarding Authorised Local Chemist (ALC). 25/06/2018 Download (1.02 MB) pdf
47 Amendment of GOI MoD letter No. 22D(19)/2017/WE/D(Res) dated 16.08.2017, Enhancement of contractual fees for Specialist Doctors of ECHS. 06/06/2018 Download (418.52 KB) pdf
48 Payment of Bill Processing Agency (BPA) service Fees by ECHS for Individual Medical Re-imbursement Claims. 01/03/2018 Download (473.27 KB) pdf
49 Financial Procedure for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme(ECHS). 23/02/2018 Download (410.42 KB) pdf
50 Revision of Bill Processing Agency Service Fees in tune with revised CGHS rates: On-line ECHS Medical Bill Processing. 22/02/2018 Download (750.89 KB) pdf