Security Agency Scheme

Self Employment Schemes of DGR

Under the security agency scheme, all the ESM while transiting through the process of resettlement after retirement from the Armed Forces, a stop gap arrangement for the ESM till such time a meaning full end respectful employment is made available to the ESM. The aim of the scheme is to facilitate some kind of earnings by the ESM through ESM (O) till he gets a job and also to keep ESM occupied and contribute positively towards society.

Director General Resettlement through Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Industry/Department of Public Enterprises had requested for employment of DGR empanelled security agencies. Many Government Offices, PSUs, PSE, Banks Corporate and Educational Institutes etc are seeking security cover from DGR empanelled security agency through DGR.

The guidelines for functioning of DGR empanelled Ex-servicemen security agencies have been promulgated by Government of India Ministry of Defence/Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare vide OM No. 28(3)/2012-D(Res-1) dated 09 July 2012 as amended vide OM No. 28(3)/2012(Res-1) dated 16 Jan 2013.

This is presently available on the DGR’s website: