Management of Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Outlets

Self Employment Schemes of DGR

Salient Features.

Under the Scheme ESM (O) registered with Employment Directorate of DGR are sponsored as service provider for operating Retail Outlets of IOCL and BPCL under Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) scheme. On receipt of the requisition from the Concerned Oil Company, names of eligible ESM(O) are sponsored. Short listing, selection and Interview is done by Oil Company. Period of contract range from one to three years. Fixed remunerations range from Rs 23,000/- to Rs 25,000/- per month. Additional incentive are kept for sale beyond 250 Kl of Oil products.


Desirous ESM (O)s shall meet the following criteria:-

  1. Commissioned officers (Army, Navy, Air Force).
  2. Should be registered within 5 years of release/retirement from service with the Employment Directorate.
  3. Should be resident of the particular State in which COCO facility is to be operated.
  4. Should be able to provide bank guarantee as per OPA requirement.
  5. Should not have availed any other benefit from DGR earlier.
  6. Should be below 65 years of age at the time of consideration for sponsorship.


The candidature of all ESM (O)s registered for employment with the Employment Directorate are considered based on the request of the Oil Company and the Area / Locality were the outlet is proposed. Once the willingness to be sponsored for this scheme is taken from the ESM(O) registered the panel of such officers is prepared and forwarded to concerned Oil Company for further selection and employment.