Management of CNG station by ESM (Officers) in NCR

Self Employment Schemes of DGR

Salient Features.

Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) CNG Stations of Indraprastha Gas Limited in NCR Area to include Delhi and NOIDA are managed by retired Defence Services Officer’s. The ESM(O)s who are empanelled for this scheme with DGR are sponsored to IGL who in turns select the ESM(O) based on the panel of ESM(O) provided by DGR. The selected officer is contracted for management of the CNG station by the IGL for a period of five years on a yearly renewable contract basis. Selected retired officer gets emoluments of Rs.45,000/- (approx) per month or 14% of the wages disbursed , which ever is higher with an annual increment of Rs. 2000/- per annum.


Ex-Servicemen officers once registered will be maintained in the active list up to an age of 60 years or allotment of CNG station; which ever is earlier:-

  1. Class I Commissioned officers (Army, Navy, and Air Force).
  2. Below 59 years of age and retired/released within 5 years at the time of registration for the scheme.
  3. Resident of NCR.
  4. Be able to provide bank guarantee for 3 to 5 lacs (subject to revision).
  5. Should have availed no other benefit from DGR or be registered in any other scheme of DGR earlier.
  6. ESM (O) at the time of sponsorship should not be employed with any Govt/Semi Govt/Private concern. In case the ESM(O) has taken up any job he is required to render resignation and submit an undertaking of his employment status before he is sponsored for the scheme.


The application form for registration duly filled along with under mentioned self attested copy of documents are to be submitted at the time of registration.

  1. Copy of PPO.
  2. Copy of ESM Identity Card.
  3. Copy of PAN Card.
  4. Copy of Retirement/Release order
  5. Copy of proof of residence.

The format of application to be submitted can be downloaded from “DGR forms download window of the DGR website