Issue of Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of Oil Product Agencies under 8% Quota Scheme

Self Employment Schemes of DGR

Salient Features:

Under this Scheme 8% quota of Oil Product Agencies is reserved for eligible ESM/Widow/Dependents under Defence Personnel (DP) Category for LPG Distributorship, Petrol/Diesel retail outlet including Kisan Seva Kendra (KSK) and SKO/LDO Dealership (Kerosene Oil Agency).

Eligibility Criteria:

The following ESM/Widows/Dependents are eligible under the scheme.

  • Priority I : Widows/dependents of posthumous gallantry award winners.
  • Priority II : War widows/dependents of those who died in war.
  • Priority III : War disabled
  • Priority IV : Widows/dependents of those who died in harness due to attributable causes.
  • Priority V : Disabled in peace due to attributable causes.

Issue of Eligibility Certificate:

Once Oil Company takes out an advertisement in the Newspapers for a particular location reserved for Defence Personnel, the eligible ESM/Widows/Dependent are required to approach DGR for issue of Eligibility Certificate with specified set of documents. On receipt of Eligibility Certificate, one is required to apply to concerned Oil Company within the stipulated date of submission of Application Form. Short-listing, Interview, Selection and issue of Letter of Intent for a particular Distributorship/Dealership is the prerogative of Oil Company.For further details, all applicants are advised to go through Official Website of the concerned Oil Company viz and ensure all relevant clauses are implemented.


While applying for Eligibility Certificate from DGR an applicant is required to submit following documents (as applicable) duly attested by Zila Sainik Board / Notary.

  1. Death Certificate of deceased defence person issued by Service Hospital /HQs.
  2. Proof of death attributable to Military Service.
  3. Proof of Gallantry Award, if any.
  4. Proof of disability being attributable to military service.
  5. Pension Order (CDA (P) letter).
  6. Discharge book/Retirement order.
  7. Matriculation Certificate of the applicant (for LPG only)
  8. Newspaper clipping of the Advertisement specifying location and last date of submission of Application Form.
  9. Copy of Widows / ESM / Dependent Identity card.
  10. Affidavit of undertaking by the applicant on Rs 10/- stamp paper duly notarized.
  11. Relinquishment Deed in case of dependant (NOK), from widow and other dependents.
  12. Passport Size Photograph of applicant (One photograph for each location).
  13. Authority letter in case eligibility certificate is to be collected by courier. It should be duly signed by applicant with photograph of courier and countersigned / attested by Zila Sainik Board / Notary / RSB.

The format of application including Affidavit to be submitted can be downloaded from Self Employment Directorate window of the DGR website