Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
181 Implementation of the recommendations of 6th CPC reg. Pension/Gratuity etc. for the Armed Forces Personnel retiring or dying in harness on or after 1.1.2006. 12/11/2008 Download (6.88 MB) pdf
182 Implementation of the Govt. decision on the recommendations of 6th CPC - revision of pension of Pre 2006 Armed Forces Pensioners/Family Pensioners. 11/11/2008 Download (3.36 MB) pdf
183 Restoration of pension weightage for PBOR. 07/10/2008 Download (603.14 KB) pdf
184 Grant of Family Pension for life to handicapped children of Armed Forces Personnel. 13/08/2008 Download (1.41 MB) pdf
185 Corrigendum to Letter No. 1(2)97/D(Pen-C) dated 16.5.2001 reg. rationalization of pension structure for pre-1.1.1996 Armed Forces Pensioners. 30/05/2008 Download (180.95 KB) pdf
186 Awareness campaign for joint notification for family pension. 03/04/2008 Download (2.42 MB) pdf
187 Regulation of commutation of War Injury Pension and rates of War Injury Pension i.r.o. Armed Forces Personnel retained in service. 21/02/2008 Download (454.08 KB) pdf
188 Implementation of Govt. decision of 5th CPC reg. DP/WIP/SFP/LFP etc. for the Armed Forces Officers and PBOR retiring, invaliding or dying in harness on or after 01.01.1996. 21/02/2008 Download (454.08 KB) pdf
189 Revision of restored 43% and 45% commuted portion of pension after 15 years - Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dt. 24.7.2007 in Review Petition No. 643 of 2007. 04/12/2007 Download (3.58 MB) pdf
190 Nomination of Guardian by Parents in respect of mentally retarded children of Armed Forces Personnel. 25/10/2007 Download (1.76 MB) pdf