Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
121 Payment of commuted value of additional pension i.r.o. of employees who retired on/after 1.1.2006 but before 2.9.2008 and exercised before exercising option for commutation of additional amount of pension - reg. 28/04/2011 Download (766.21 KB) pdf
122 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 10(1)/2009-D(Pen/Pol) dated 8.3.2010. 15/04/2011 Download (1.57 MB) pdf
123 Rationalization of casualty pensionary awards for Armed Forces Personnel - Special benefits in cases of death and disability in service prior to 1.1.2006 - reg. 15/02/2011 Download (1.17 MB) pdf
124 Grant of Family pension and gratuity to the families of Armed Forces Personnel/Pensioners who disappear suddenly. 15/02/2011 Download (685.33 KB) pdf
125 Revision of restored 43% and 45% Commuted portion of pension of Armed Forces absorbees who had drawn lump-sum payment on absorption in PSU 09/02/2011 Download (1.27 MB) pdf
126 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen-C) dated 31.1.2001. 03/02/2011 Download (1.81 MB) pdf
127 Revision of Pension of Pre-2006-Armed Forces Pensioners/Family Pension of TA/SSC/EC officers retired on or after 1.1.1996 but before 31.12.2005. 18/01/2011 Download (1.64 MB) pdf
128 Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to the Armed Forces Pensioners residing in areas not covered under ECHS. 12/01/2011 Download (1.96 MB) pdf
129 Grant of family pension to childless widow of Armed Forces Personnel - clarification reg. 06/01/2011 Download (716.96 KB) pdf
130 Implementation of Govt. decision on recommendations of 6th CPC - Revision of pension of the pre-1.1.2006 Armed Forces Pensioners/Family Pensioners. 15/11/2010 Download (436.15 KB) pdf