Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
111 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 4684/DIR(PEN)/2001 dated 14.08.2001 reg. delegation of powers to Service HQs. 09/04/2012 Download (341.02 KB) pdf
112 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 10(1)/2009/D(Pen/Pol) dated 8.3.2010 and 15.04.2011. 27/03/2012 Download (2.63 MB) pdf
113 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 1(6)/2011/D(Pen/Pol) dated 6.1.2012. 17/01/2012 Download (1.76 MB) pdf
114 Grant of Family pension to childless widow of Armed Forces Personnel- clarification - reg. 06/01/2012 Download (1.76 MB) pdf
115 Payment of Ex-gratia lump-sum compensation to Armed Forces Personnel who are invalided out of service on account of disability attributable to or aggravated by military service - reg. 26/12/2011 Download (2.35 MB) pdf
116 Seeking clarification subject i.r.t. grant of additional quantum of pension to old pensioners on attaining the age of 80 years etc. 10/08/2011 Download (460.31 KB) pdf
117 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 1(2)97/D(Pen-C) dated 31.1.2001. 01/07/2011 Download (986.09 KB) pdf
118 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 17(4)2008(2)/D(Pen/Pol) dated 30.10.2009. 27/06/2011 Download (1.33 MB) pdf
119 Re-constitution of Defence Minister's Appellate committee for Second Appeal. 04/05/2011 Download (554.69 KB) pdf
120 Payment of commuted value of additional pension i.r.o. of employees who retired on/after 1.1.2006 but before 2.9.2008 and exercised before exercising option for commutation of additional amount of pension - reg. 28/04/2011 Download (766.21 KB) pdf