Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
101 Applicability of MULUKIN-AIN vis a vis Grant of Family Pension Nepalese Domiciled Pensioners. 26/09/2012 Download (44.76 KB) pdf
102 Revision of pension of pre - 1.1.2006 Armed Forces Pensioners/family pensioners. 24/09/2012 Download (867.86 KB) pdf
103 Corrigendum to MoD letter No. 17(4)2008(2)/D(Pen/Pol) dated 18.8.2010. 20/09/2012 Download (615.36 KB) pdf
104 Clarification reg. adjudicating disability claims of Defence personnel who have been retained in service despite disability and seek voluntary retirement - reg. 20/09/2012 Download (633.63 KB) pdf
105 Implementation of Supreme Court judgment dated 26.4.2007 in CA No. 2737 of 2002 f/b UOI against the Mumbai HC judgment in CA f/b Gp Capt A S Gangoli & Ors. - Recovery of payment reg. 28/08/2012 Download (641.94 KB) pdf
106 Restoration of withhold portion of Ordinary Family Pension to widow of ESM in Nepal. 23/08/2012 Download (1.09 MB) pdf
107 ERs for Casualty Pensionary Award to Armed Forces Personnel, 2008 & composition of Appellate Committee to consider appeal against rejection of claim for disability pension - reg. 25/05/2012 Download (480.66 KB) pdf
108 Grant of Family pension to dependent parents of deceased personnel. 15/05/2012 Download (681.28 KB) pdf
109 Review of Rule 125 of Pension Regulation for Army Pt. I (1961) - Condonation of deficiency in service for grant of 2nd service pension. 23/04/2012 Download (450.49 KB) pdf
110 Expeditious disposal of 1st appeal cases relating to grant of disability pension/special family pension. 17/04/2012 Download (505.89 KB) pdf