S/No. Title Date of Sanction Download / Details
91 Purchase of light Vehicles for Central Organisation and Regional Centres of ECHS. 15/07/2005 Download (39.31 KB) pdf
92 Provision of Civil Tele with STD facility for Smart Card Servers. 05/07/2005 Download (749.71 KB) pdf
93 Procedure for procurement of land in Non-military stations for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health scheme (ECHS). 31/01/2005 Download (1.63 MB) pdf
94 Scales of Furniture and Non Medical Equipment for Polyclinics of ECHS. 26/08/2004 Download (615.73 KB) pdf
95 Limits for Powers for hiring of immovable properties for ECHS Polyclinics at Non-Military Stations . 20/02/2004 Download (390.89 KB) pdf
96 Procedure for hiring Buildings for ECHS Polyclinics in Non Military Stations. 08/09/2003 Download (984.64 KB) pdf
97 Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS). 30/12/2002 Download (1.93 MB) pdf