S/No. Title Date of Sanction Download / Details
71 Limits of power for hiring of immovable properties for ECHS Polyclinics at Non Military Station. 31/01/2014 Download (1.53 MB) pdf
72 Financial guidelines for extension of ECHS facilities to Nepal Domiciled Gorakha(NDG) ESM pensioners in Nepal. 10/09/2013 Download (1.41 MB) pdf
73 Corrigendum (Limits of powers for hiring of immovable properties for ECHS polyclinics at non- military stations). 21/08/2013 Download (779.55 KB) pdf
74 Corrigendum of sanction for shifting of Regional Centre from Shimla to Delhi and Meerut to Bareilly. 25/02/2013 Download (297.91 KB) pdf
75 Scale of Medical Equipment for ECHS Polyclinics. 18/12/2012 Download (5.24 MB) pdf
76 Procedure for payment and reimbursement of medical expenses under ECHS : Processing of bills by bill processing Agency(BPA),UTI-ITSL. 05/11/2012 Download (290.16 KB) pdf
77 Corrigendum (Limits of Power for Hiring of immovable Properties for ECHS Polyclinics at Non Military Stations). 03/09/2012 Download (2.02 MB) pdf
78 Authorisation of Motor Cycles and Light Vehicle for Regional Centers of ECHS. 29/08/2012 Download (292.74 KB) pdf
79 Corrigendum (Procedure for Procurement of land in Non-Military Station for Ex-Serviceman Contributory Scheme(ECHS). 16/02/2012 Download (1.61 MB) pdf
80 Expansion of Ex-Servicemen Contributory Heath Scheme (ECHS) 18/10/2010 Download (1.03 MB) pdf