What's New

What's New
S.No. Title
1 Revision of Regulation relating to rate of Family Pension (Normal rate & Enhanced rate) of Pension Regulation for the Army, Part-I (2008) in the line of amendment done in Sub Rule (3) of Rule 54 of CSS Pension Rule, 1972 by DOP&PW-reg.
2 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020.
3 Processing of Mercy Petition for grant of service pension under Pension Regulations. Dated 28.07.2020
4 Provision of Invalid Pension to Armed Forces Personnel before completion of 10 years of qualifying service.Dated 16.07.2020
5 Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centers for ECHS --New empanelment. Dated 02.07.2020.
6 Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centers for ECHS --Upgradation/Additional facilities. Dated 02.07.2020.
7 Inclusion of names of the widowed/divorced/unmarried daughter/parents/permanently disabled children/dependent disabled siblings i.e. brothers and sisters in the PPO procedure regarding.Dated 04.05.2020
8 Details of nodal officer for Ex-Servicemen grievances related to covid 19 in respect of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare.Dated 01.04.2020
9 Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centers for ECHS---Upgradation/Additional facilities. Dated 24.02.2020
10 Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2006 retiree Havildar granted Hony Rank of Nb Subedar.Dated 21.02.2020
11 Guidelines for the Functioning of Director General of Resettlement Scheme to provide ESM Manpower for Technical Services to the Government Establishments/Complexes through Empanelled State ESM Corporations. Dated 06.02.2020.
12 Procedure for contractual employment of staff for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Polyclinics.Dated 05.02.2020
13 Revision of Guidelines regarding simplification of Referral Systems under ECHS.Dated 03.02.2020
14 Sanction for procurement of 20 Cents of land and allotment/release of Rs. 7,80,000/- for purchase of land for construction of permanant building for ECHS polyclinics at Virarajendrapet Type D Non MIL STN.Dated 28.11.2019
15 Extension of Time limit for procurement of land in non-Military Station for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme ECHS Polyclinics. Dated 22.11.2019