Pension Circulars (2001 onwards)

S/No. Title Date of Issue Download / Details
1 Streamlining of pension payment procedure - first identification of pensioner for release of pensionary awards reg. 09/04/2021 Download (1.15 MB) pdf
2 Expeditious processing of Second Appeal cases - Entitlement Rules for Casualty Pensionary Awards to the Armed Forces Personnel,2008. 01/02/2021 Download (602.23 KB) pdf
3 Revision of pension of pre - 2016 retired Medical Officers of Army Corps/Army Dental Corps/Remount and Veterinary Corps - reg. 22/01/2021 Download (84.11 KB) pdf
4 Revision of Casuality Pensionary awards in respect of pre -1996 and pre -2006 Medical Officers of Armed Forces by inclusion of Non - Practice Allowance (NPA) for revision of Disability Pension/War Injury Pension and S. F. Pension/L. F. Pension. 22/01/2021 Download (80.65 KB) pdf
5 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate by Central Government pensioners from 1st November, 2020 onward, till February 28,2021. 27/11/2020 Download (70.98 KB) pdf
6 Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Orders dated 06.09.2019 and dated 06.11.2020 in Contempt Petition(C) No. 2107/2018 for Grant of Special Pension under Regulation 95 of Navy (Pension) Regulations,1964 to Ex-sailors. 18/11/2020 Download (633.75 KB) pdf
7 Extending new means of Identification for continuation of pensionary awards in view of COVID-19 situation. 26/10/2020 Download (22.64 KB) pdf
8 Revision of Regulation relating to rate of Family Pension (Normal rate & Enhanced rate) of Pension Regulation for the Army, Part-I (2008) in the line of amendment done in Sub Rule (3) of Rule 54 of CSS Pension Rule, 1972 by DOP&PW-reg. 05/10/2020 Download (57.63 KB) pdf
9 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020. 28/09/2020 Download (111.74 KB) pdf
10 Provision of Invalid Pension to Armed Forces Personnel before completion of 10 years of qualifying service - reg. 16/07/2020 Download (920.06 KB) pdf