ECHS Circulars

Eligibility for joining ECHS Ex-recruits with disability Pension.

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Corrigendum (Membership to Coast Guard Pensioners).

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Clarification on ECHS membership when husband and wife are defence personnel.

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Office memorandum (Grant of Ex-servicemen status to recruits boarded out on Medical Grounds with disability pension)

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CORRIGENDUM : Amendments in Appendix 'A' & 'B' to GOI MoD letter No. 24(6)/03/US(WE)/D (Res) dated 22 Sep 2003.

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Procedure for contractual employment of staff for ex- servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) Polyclinics

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Shifting of vacancies of Doctors and Para-medical staff from the Polyclinic having low daily sick report to the Polyclinics with large number of daily sick report.

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Civil Writ Petition No. 210/1999 filed by Confederation of Ex-Servicemen Associations V/s Union of India - implementation of the Court Judgement.

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Agreement between contractually Engaged Person and Station Commander for rendering services in ECHS Polyclinics.

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Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme : Exemption to War disabled Pensioners from payment of contribution.

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