ECHS Circulars

Financial guidelines for extension of ECHS facilities to Nepal Domiciled Gorakha(NDG) ESM pensioners in Nepal

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Authorisation of staff for six District Soldier Boards viz Kohalpur, Walling, Besisahar,Diktel,Gorkha & Tikapur in Nepal.

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Revised Interim Scales of Contractual Manpower for ECHS Clinics

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Amendment of Regulation 18 of Pension Regulation for Army Part II (2008).

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Enhancement of amount of Ex-gratia payable to Reservists and families of Reservists-reg.

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Waiving recovery of excess amount of element of Non-Practicing Allowance(NPA) paid to pre- 1996 retired Armrd Forces Doctors

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Grant of Service element of disability pension to pre 1.1.1973 invalided out JCOs, ORs and NCs(E)/Sailor/Airman when the accepted degree of disablement re-assessed as less than 20%-reg.

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Procedure for payment and reimbursement of medical expenses under ECHS

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Qualitative Requirements for Contractual Staff for ECHS Polyclinics

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Contractual Fees of person contractually employed at ECHS Polyclinics

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