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Directorate General Resettlement

1. The Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) is an Inter Service organization functioning directly under the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (Ministry of Defence). In order to maintain a youthful profile of the Armed Forces, approximately 60,000 service personnel are retired/released every year at comparatively young age. Majority of the service personnel at the time of retirement are at an age where they have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which necessitate their taking up second occupation. DGR assists Ex-Servicemen to train and acquire additional skills and facilitate their resettlement through a second career.

Armed Forces personnel, having acquired certain competencies during their service career, need to re-orient their skills and attitude for second career post-retirement/release. It is the endeavour of DGR to provide opportunities to service personnel and ESM for this reorientation. However, it is for individuals to identify their aptitude before choosing second career. DGR is committed towards generating opportunities and nurturing dreams for re-employment/entrepreneurship.

History. The details of various milestones are appended below:-

History: The details of various milestones are appended below
Date Event
07 Sep 1919 British government sets up the Indian Soldiers board to advise on matters affecting the interest of serving, discharged and deceased Indian soldiers predecessor to DSSA&B.
Mar 1951 Post Jammu and Kashmir operations of 1947 - 48 the board were renamed as Indian soldiers, sailors and airmen board. Small cell was established at Adjutant General's branch at Army headquarters to address resettlement issues of disabled soldiers and war widows.
Jan 1968 Directorate General Resettlement is established with assigned role of welfare and rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen, widows and dependents.
May 1975 The board re-designated as Kendriya Sainik Board as an inter service organisation under the Ministry of Defence.
18 Apr 1982 The secretariat of Kendriya Sainik Board placed under direct administrative control of Directorate General Resettlement, along with supervisory role on the work of secretary Kendriya Sainik Board and the secretariat.
29 Jan 1991 Operating under the Directorate General Resettlement, Directorate Resettlement Zones created in each Command Headquarters of the army, to interact with states and active formations, as also be advisors to GOC - In - C on ESM matters.
22 Sep 2004 A Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare created in Ministry of Defence to give focused attention to welfare programmes for ESM and their dependents.
Jan 2009 Directorate General Resettlement, Kendriya Sainik Board and Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme became attached offices of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence

Charter of Duties. The major charter of duties are as under:-

  1. Organise resettlement training in Government/ Semi Government/ Private Institutes for retiring/ retired service personnel.
  2. Implement Policies/ Schemes of the department for Employment/ Self-employment as second career.
  3. Liaise with concerned agencies on all matters of resettlement and welfare of Ex-Servicemen. Facilitate serving Officers, soldiers, sailors and airmen as well as ESM and their dependant to derive full benefits from concessions and facilities granted by Central and State Governments.
  4. Interact with corporate private sector to seek greater employment opportunities.
  5. To create awareness about vast human resources available in ESM.
  6. Create awareness in ESM on job market trends and expectations of the industry.
  7. Disseminate useful information in respect of welfare and resettlement matters to ESM / Widows / Serving Personnel.
  8. Enable ESM to benefit from various development activities and ensure that they get necessary assistance/ redressal of grievances.
  9. Monitor actual implementation of various Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Welfare Schemes by various agencies including reservation policy of Central/State Govts.
  10. To forward panel of names of ESM (O) for employment opportunities to Government of India Departments, Organizations, Corporate and Private Sectoras well as DGR sponsored employment schemes.
  11. To advertise and promote the interest of ESM and objectives of the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare.
  12. Act as the interface between retired service personnel, dependents and outside environment for resettlement/ second career.

Organisation Chart of DGR.

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Postal Address of Dte Gen Resettlement
Directorate General Resettlement
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Training Directorate

6. DGR is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing retiring service personnel, ex-servicemen and widows / wards of deceased personnel to enhance their qualifications and enable them to seek second career. Training for their resettlement in civil life is one of the major functions of DGR. The training programs are conducted through Government, semi-Govt. and private institutions of repute at various places in the country. Resettlement training programme covers a wide range of subjects. The Annual Training Programme is posted on the DGR web site for ready reference The training programmes are organized under three categories:-

  1. Officers’ Training. For serving officers in the last two years of service and for retired/released officers’ within three years from release or up to 60 years, whichever is earlier. The serving officers, undergoing resettlement training, are treated on duty up to a maximum period of six months but they are not paid any traveling, daily allowance and are not entitled to travel on railway warrant. The officers pay 40% of the course fee and 60% fee is paid by Govt.
  2. JCOs/OR Training. For serving PBORs in the last two years of service. PBORs on training are considered as on temporary duty and are entitled to draw their pay and allowances. 100% course fee is paid by the Govt.
  3. Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Training. The scheme is primarily meant for those Ex-Servicemen (ESM) who could not avail the facility of resettlement training while in service and is extended to the widow/one dependent of an ESM, irrespective of whether his death is attributable to military service or not. Training is organized by RSB/ZSB. ESM would be eligible to undergo training upto five years from retirement/release or 60 years whichever is earlier.

For detailed info on schemes, policies and training contact DGR office or log on to DGR website:-

Employment Directorate

7. DGR is the nodal agency for registering of serving Armed Forces Class I Gazetted Officers and ESM (Officers)s for employment opportunities. The serving commissioned officers can register themselves for availing registration and for availing subsequent benefits of DGR schemes. Registration of JCOs/ORs for re-employment is done at nearest Zila Sainik Boards. The Employment Directorate interacts with the corporate sector and private sector to create more employment avenues for ex-servicemen. All ex-servicemen registered with Joint Director Employment are sponsored against requests received from the civil sector and various Government offices.